200px-Flag_of_Washington.svgOn Sunday, the World Famous Cannabis Farmers Market in the state of Washington officially re-opened for business in Seattle after having its original location forcibly shut down by city officials in Tacoma over a month ago.

The business owners applied for, and were granted, a license to operate their medical marijuana marketplace in Seattle where the proprietors say they plan to stay.

“For 38 days we had patients calling, vendors calling that couldn’t pay their mortgage because this is where they sold their excess medicine,” Kristi Miller, co-owner of the World Famous Cannabis Farmers Market explained. “Tacoma officials considered this a business, and not a collective.”

marijuana farmers marketThe marijuana marketplace isn’t open to the general public, only state-authorized patients with the proper documentation will be allowed to utilize the business which is open for operation every first and third Sunday of the month.

The business owners also support a program that raises cash via raffles in order to fund legal counsel for individuals that are incarcerated on federal marijuana charges.

The World Famous Cannabis Farmers Market has plans to open another location in Olympia as early as 2014.

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