200px-Flag_of_Washington.svgIn Washington, the Liquor Control Board, the entity that is in charge of the state’s recreational marijuana regulations (how in the hell that contradictive situation came to be is beyond me), has released new draft recommendations that would essentially prohibit the existence of medical marijuana dispensaries.

Not only is the Liquor Control Board recommending that the medical marijuana industry be forced to close their doors, they’re also endorsing that home cultivation of the plant be prohibited. The Board is claiming that the state’s soon to be implemented recreational marijuana distribution system will appropriately serve the public; therefore the need to cultivate your own supply will not be necessary.

doctors 6Steve Sarich, leader of the Cannabis Action Coalition, claims that “greed” is the motivation behind the Liquor Control Board’s latest sanctions. “What better way to get rid of the competition,” Sarich avowed, “You just make them illegal again.”

“We are not going to make 200,000 patients in the state of Washington criminals again,” Sarich declared. “That is not what the voters voted for.”

So, will the new recreational marijuana system be a better alternative for patients that will seemingly have no other choice but to purchase their supply from state-authorized distribution outlets? Only time will tell. Stay with The 420 Times for any new developments regarding the Washington Liquor Control Board’s decision to oust the medical marijuana industry.

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  1. CallingBatman

    Wow. I thought Colorado botched it by taxing it to the point where comparable marijuana strains are more expensive in (legal) Colorado than (illegal) Texas, but Washington seems determined to go Colorado one better. Or worse. Talk about snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

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