200px-Seal_of_Illinois.svgIn Illinois, state officials met last week to begin drafting the rules for medical marijuana distribution under the recently passed House Bill 1.

Representatives of Governor Pat Quinn met with officials from three agencies starting last Tuesday. The state Department of Health is examining how to issue identification cards for medical marijuana users, while the state’s Department of Agriculture is determining the standards for growers. And the third agency, the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, is examining how to regulate the 60 dispensaries that will distribute the supply of marijuana.

IMG_6871The three government entities involved with the rule making process are expected to reveal the final drafts of said rubrics to legislators to scrutinize by spring of 2014.

Governor Pat Quinn officially signed the state’s medical marijuana bill into law in September and will take effect on January 1, 2014. The law in question creates a four year pilot program which will allow marijuana for medical purposes in Illinois until at least 2018.

Patients that qualify for the rather strict program will be able to obtain a supply of marijuana from one of up to 60 dispensaries, which would acquire marijuana from up to 22 cultivation centers. The Illinois Department of Agriculture, Department of Health, and Department of Financial and Professional Regulation will be responsible for regulating the cultivation, purchase, and distribution of marijuana.

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