weed_chocochip_cookies_smallAre sweet treats as addictive as crack?!? According to a study conducted at Connecticut College, sugar-loaded goodies that most everyone craves can stimulate the same pleasure sensors in the brain as using an illicit drug such as cocaine.

The Connecticut College study’s datum indicated that the lab rats used in the examination generated more activity in the pleasure center of their little brains when they ingested sugar, even more so than what would normally be generated from the use of cocaine or morphine.

As described in the enclosed video news clip, when the lab rats were placed in a maze with Oreos at one end and a rice cake at the other the rats sought out the cookies. And the same rats would return to that identical location even if the cookies were absent.

oreo'sI think it’s high time the federal government make the responsible decision to categorize sugary snacks as a Schedule 1 narcotic and place them on the Controlled Substances Act before we have an epidemic of individuals strung-out on the luscious white cream that holds those two dry brown circles they call cookies together!

Although it may be necessary to change the Drug Enforcement Administration’s title to the Dextrose Eradication Alliance, but it’s worth it to save our nation’s youth from being exposed to the dangers of sweet snacks! Oh-reo the humanity!

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