200px-Seal_of_Ohio.svgPaula Lyle’s daughter, Jordan, suffers with Dravet syndrome, which is a rare and terrible form of pediatric epilepsy. After viewing CNN’s investigative special “Weed” hosted by Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Paula made the challenging decision to move her and her daughter to Colorado so she could legally access a highly concentrated form of hash oil that is rich in Cannabidiol (CBD).

Paula was inspired by Charlotte Figi, who is the six-year-old girl featured in the abovementioned CNN documentary, due to the fact that Charlotte shares her daughter’s unfortunate affliction and experienced a miraculous turnaround via ingesting CBD oil.

Charlotte went seven days without enduring a seizure after using CBD oil which is nothing short of phenomenal when you consider that she was suffering through approximately 300 seizures each week. Her success story continues to unfold now that she has a legitimate shot at life which is exactly what motivated Paula to relocate to Colorado.

oilPaula and her daughter will be working with the same group of individuals that produce medicinal marijuana for Charlotte and numerous other young patients in Colorado known as the Realm of Caring located in Colorado Springs. Jordan has suffered with Dravet syndrome for the past 18 years and Paula is hoping that Cannabidiol is the solution to offering her daughter a chance at a normal existence.

“It is a huge decision, a very personal decision, and when something is right, you just know it,” Paula explained. “I’m going there to save my daughter’s life.”

“Each day I’m in contact with families across the United States, putting their very sick child first, leaving family and friends behind, quitting jobs to go across the country to finally get the medical treatment their child deserves,” Paula declared. “It’s an emotional roller coaster of a decision.”

Currently in Ohio, there is an effort underway to collect the required 385,000 signatures of registered voters which must be collected on state forms by county in order to place medical marijuana legislation on the state’s ballot in 2014.

You can help other Ohioans avoid having to pull up roots and move to a state where marijuana is legal by visiting ohiopatientsnetwork.org, click on “link to official petition with instruction page,” start collecting signatures and informing people about the medical legitimacy that marijuana possesses.

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