Flag_of_Wisconsin.svg (1)Senator John Erpenbach and his colleague Representative Chris Taylor will introduce legislation to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes in their republic when the Wisconsin legislature reconvenes for its fall session.

This is the third time Senator Erpenbach has co-sponsored this type of legislation. His colleague Representative Taylor is taking the place of former Representative Mark Pocan, who was elected to the United States House of Representatives in 2012.

“It will be tough this time,” Senator Erpenbach declared. “It was tough last time when Democrats were in the majority.”

Senator Erpenbach explained that the language of this year’s legislation remains fundamentally untouched from the 2012 version which perished in committee.

If the latest legislation is indeed successful, it would provide a “medical necessity” defense for marijuana-related prosecutions, which means that Wisconsin residents may “acquire, possess, cultivate, transport or utilize” marijuana if they have a registry identification card from the Department of Health Services, a valid out-of-state registry identification card or a written certification from a physician, according to the bill’s current description.

doctors 1Furthermore, the legislation would limit the amount a cardholder could legally possess to twelve plants and three ounces of marijuana leaves or flowers. It would be dispensed via marijuana dispensaries, known as “compassion centers,” which would be licensed and regulated by the state’s Department of Health Services.

“This is something the Wisconsin majority has supported for a while now,” Senator Erpenbach explained. “The Legislature is behind the curve.”

Senator Jennifer Shilling noted that both the Senate and Assembly health committees are chaired by Republicans, which means that the legislation in question could have a tough time traversing committee.

“I don’t have a sense that the leadership in the Senate or the Assembly has any interest in passing the law,” Senator Shilling avowed.

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    Love the title. Makes it sound like a bad school exam result.
    Jonny got a D, Jonny got a C, Jonny tries a third time… Makes me wonder what the exam question was… English Essay – Describe in less than 1,000 words why your Mother is not “yo Mama” lol


    Try to get Republicans Ron Paul, Rand Paul and Gary Johnston on your side and you never know…

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