420timeshandcuffs_weed_small1Marijuana may be legalized for recreational purposes in Colorado and Washington, but the latest memorandum from our beloved government clearly states that they intend to continue to focus on “preventing marijuana possession or use on federal property,” which leaves residents from the abovementioned states that want to carry a few grams on a hike or camping trip at risk of federal prosecution.

Just ask Karen Strand from Tacoma, Washington. She didn’t feel that possessing a small container of marijuana that she is state-authorized to use for medical purposes would be of any concern when she went hiking in Olympic National Park this summer. And why should she be concerned, people aren’t cited on federal lands for possessing pharmaceutical prescriptions.

But to her surprise, Karen was pulled over on a remote gravel road by one of the park’s rangers for having a broken taillight, cited for marijuana possession on federal property and unfortunately became one of over 27,000 people nationwide that have been fined for the very same reason since 2009.

State officials from Washington and Colorado plan to comply with the federal government’s latest memorandum to the fullest, but it’s unclear as to what they can do in order to dishearten people that consume marijuana for whatever dedication from possessing a few grams of flowers while visiting Rocky Mountain or Mount Rainier National Park.

“It’s not one of the big topics we’ve talked a lot about,” Jaime Smith declared, a spokesperson for Washington Governor Jay Inslee.

Veganic Platium CookiesThousands of individuals are cited annually and charged with marijuana possession on federal property which involves the accused being faced with a federal misdemeanor punishable by up to 6 months in jail and a fine of up to $5,000. Said charges typically don’t result in having to serve any jail time, but often do necessitate the accused to appear in court at least on one occasion. The charges are recurrently negotiated down to a mere infraction, similar to a traffic citation, and a fine that could reach up to $300.

Since 2009, citations have been reportedly issued at national parks, seashores, forests, military bases and monuments, with 10 of those tickets having been issued at the Pentagon. Although officials proclaim the actual number of people being cited for possessing marijuana on federal grounds is probably larger due to the fact that park rangers and other federal agents occasionally record on the citation that the accused was in possession of a controlled substance, without specifying that it was indeed marijuana.

No matter what state you reside in, if you plan to traverse on federal and public property possessing a sack of the kind just keep in mind that you’re still vulnerable to prosecution and hefty fines. Caution is crucial to maintaining your personal freedom, so travel safe!

Thanks go out to TriXter Phillips for emailing me this story!

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    Don’t you DARE relax on Federal Lands and enjoy the scenery! Where do you people think you are; the “Land of the Free”, or something? LMAO

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