movie reels 2For this installment of Saturday at the Movies we are checking out another seed scouring excursion with the Strain Hunters crew as they delve deep into the wilderness in search of rare landraces in the short documentary film, Weediquette: Kings Of Cannabis.

For over 20 years Arjan Roskam, founder of Green House Seed Company, has been responsible for breeding some of the most famous varieties of marijuana available, including the award-winning White Widow, Super Silver Haze and White Rhino.

Arjan opened his first coffee shop in Amsterdam back in 1992 which organically blossomed into the multi-million dollar marijuana seed breeding and retailing business which is ran with the help of his skilled partner and head breeder Franco Loja.

Arjan is a self-proclaimed King of Cannabis with a total of 38 Cannabis Cup wins to support that particular proclamation.

Veganic Platium CookiesWhether you dig Green House beans or not, the Strain Hunter documentaries are sure to make you green with envy as they visit some of the largest outdoor crops mankind has ever eye witnessed.

Bust up a nice pile of frosty deliciousness, pack up your favorite implement of combustion and let’s take a trip to foreign lands in search of some exceptional strains. Thanks for flying with The 420 Times! We hope you enjoy the inflight movie!