Flag_of_Oklahoma.svg (1)According to a poll that was conducted by SoonerPoll.com and commissioned by the Oklahoma state affiliate of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, a majority of likely Oklahoma voters support legalizing marijuana for medicinal dedications in their republic.

There have been a total of 20 states including the District of Columbia that have implemented some form of legislation permitting the use of marijuana for medical purposes since 1996, and now 71 percent of the poll’s participants proclaim that they support revising Oklahoma’s laws to allow for physician-authorized patients to obtain the herb for medicinal usage.

IMG_6871Of those that participated, 51 percent polled that they were also in favor of reducing penalties for adult recreational usage, preferring that minor marijuana violations be treated as non-criminal offenses that result in a mere citation as opposed to large fines and possible incarceration.

Approximately 81 percent of the study’s contributors agreed that state legislators should be the ultimate intermediaries deciding “(state) laws regarding whether the use of marijuana (are) legal or not,” instead of the federal government.

Changing our laws regarding marijuana is crucial throughout the entire nation, but especially in states such as Oklahoma where marijuana penalties are among the most punishing in the country. The retailing of marijuana in any amount carries a punishment of up to two years to life in prison, with successive minor marijuana possession offenses being punishable by anywhere from two to ten years behind bars.