Flag_of_Mexico.svgIn Mexico City, a discussion over the legalization of marijuana has required policymakers to consider allowing the cultivation of three marijuana plants per adult and the establishing of “nonprofit private club,” also identified as “smoking clubs.”

Representatives from the United Nations and the Organization of American States were in attendance for a three-day forum in which Mexico City council members discussed the possibility of making modifications to the current drug policy.

“We will be very responsible in this debate,” Manuel Granados declared, chair of the city council Governance Committee. “In Mexico City we agree on replacing criminal policies with health policies. We are ready to hold this debate and, at the right time, to legislate.”

Presently the cultivation and retailing of marijuana is illegal, but the country does allow adults to possess up to five grams of dried flowers. Hmm, you can’t grow it or sell it, but you can possess five grams. So I guess it falls from the sky, right on!

While the former president of Mexico, Vicente Fox, has taken a stand for the legalization of marijuana, Mexico’s current president, Pena Nieto, is hardheartedly opposing the legalization of the plant. President Nieto is actually hoping to apply stricter sentencing for drug traffickers and producers.

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  1. MeeMan

    The “Private Pot Clubs” have been given permission to exist in Spain. Perhaps this is their inspiration to try it in Mexico.

  2. James E. Gierach

    If that’s what Pres. Nieto really hopes, his drug policy remains hopeless and he is asking for a continuation of the violence.

    • 420 Times Blogger

      Agreed, you would think with the level of violence that his country endures that he would be more open to a solution rather than perpetuating the problem, but maybe he’s corrupt and stands to profit from its continuance. Thanks for commenting. We appreciate your readership!

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