plants50-year-old Daniel Rickett from upstate New York accidently took his own life on Saturday after drunkenly driving his four-wheeled all-terrain vehicle into a piano wire trap he had placed around an illegal grow-op of four large plants which was obviously intended for trespassers or would be thieves.

Hikers discovered Daniel’s body and reported their horrific findings to local authorities which claim to have found the illegal garden also surrounded by barbed wire and a leg trap that is generally used to snare coyote.

piano wire

piano wire

Ricketts, who was nearly decapitated by the piano wire, was pronounced dead at the scene by Albany County Coroner Paul Marra. The sheriff of Albany County, Craig Apple, declared the rural hills in his county are often used to setup illegal marijuana grow-ops.

“They go up there and they’ll grow marijuana on a lot of the state lands. Fortunately hikers, people out and about, neighbors will call us and they’ll tell us,” Sheriff Apple explained.

The Albany County Sheriff’s department is continuing their investigation after having removed the dangerous security devices and the plants from the property.

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  1. MeeMan

    May be an ironic way to die but still counts as yet one more added to the needless death rate caused by the unlawful criminalisation of growing a harmless plant.
    Prohibition kills; where as the plant doesn’t.

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