weed 2Whether you are using a soilless mix or growing hydroponically, one of the most important steps when cultivating indoors is properly flushing your plants before you harvest.

Plants that weren’t accurately flushed previous to harvesting will undoubtedly be laden with residual nutrients and will have a noticeably harsh, unpleasant taste that irritates your throat.

When patients obtain marijuana for medicinal dedications the importance of appropriately flushing the crops raises exponentially due to the fact that the tainted product can cause further health issues when smoked or orally ingested.

Even if you’re not cultivating your own product, if you’re a smoker, there is a simple way to check if the marijuana that you purchased was flushed properly before the crops were harvested. Merely twist up a joint or load your favorite implement of choice and light up! If the combusted herbs turn to a white- gray ash and the smoke has a pleasant taste without irritating your throat, then chances are the product was finished correctly. But if the ash is dark, hard to light and taste bad, then you can pretty much guarantee that it wasn’t flushed.

It seems like a meek step to overlook, but you’ve probably experienced product that hasn’t been ran through the clean-water-wringer and wondered why you were choking unnecessarily while toking out on what appeared to be da kind.

420times_000016053635XSmallWhat about those of you that don’t partake in the toking-of-the-trees and prefer to orally ingest your marijuana, how can you test your product before ingesting? That’s a great question. Other than inquiring at your dispensary or facilitator-of-the-flowers as to the plant’s history, the only other way would be to have your product professionally tested in a laboratory.

Depending on what types of nutrients were used to feed the crops during their lifespan, a plant that hasn’t been flushed prior to being chopped could retain residual metals and salts left behind from depleted fertilizers, thus further complicating health conditions in some patients.

Know your grow or build a trusting relationship with your local dispensary, but don’t ingest marijuana that hasn’t been flushed in the approved manner, your health depends on it!

Check out the enclosed instructional video for more information regarding the prominence of flushing your crops before they’re harvested. Thanks for flying with The 420 Times! Grow on!