Frankie's Sports Bar and Grill that recently started to allow smoking of marijuana in the bar in OlympiaFrank Schnarrs, owner of Frankie’s Sports Bar & Grill in Olympia, Washington, is defending what he considers to be legal activity that is taking place on the second floor of his establishment, which is adults over the age of 21 consuming marijuana.

Frank claims that the individuals partaking in the recreational doings are doing so legally due to the fact that the aforementioned second floor has been designated as a private club for dues paying members only.

Members of said club pay an annual fee of $10 to gain access to the selected smoking spot which isn’t accessible to the public, but the state’s Liquor Control Board claims that since Frankie’s is a licensed business it is indeed considered a public establishment and he is operating outside of the law.

200px-Flag_of_Washington.svgThe private pot club currently generates approximately 60 percent of Frankie’s income which he says has actually saved him from having to close his doors.

The Liquor Control Board declares they are well aware of the actions that are taking place at Frankie’s, but haven’t stated what steps they will take to rectify the situation.

Review the enclosed video news clip for more details and be sure to stay with The 420 Times for any updates regarding Frankie’s Sports Bar’s attempt to continue allowing customers to light up.

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  1. MeeMan

    The ground floor is a licenced bar and restaurant.
    The upper floor is not. It’s a private members only club.
    What if the upper floor was a private medical practice? No, wait… what if the lower floor were a private medical practice and chemist that prescribes and sells opiates as pain-killers etc.?
    I’ll let you think about what’s really going on with this scam.

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