200px-Seal_of_Massachusetts.svgThe competition to land one of 35 medical marijuana dispensary licenses that the state of Massachusetts will allow is underway.

The Department of Public Health received a total of 181 applications that they’re currently reviewing to determine which of the contenders will obtain a license to dispense marijuana for medicinal dedications in the state.

The list of applicants, which was released on Friday, is made up of a diverse group which includes smaller entrepreneurs, some with backing from Massachusetts physicians, and larger-scale operators looking to bring what they have learned in Colorado or New Jersey to the medical marijuana industry in Massachusetts.

Scott Hawkins, who has consulted on medical marijuana around the country and is working with several Massachusetts applicants, including New England Treatment Access, proclaimed that applicant pool’s size “exceeded most people’s expectations.”

Dispensaries that are awarded distribution licenses are required to retail devices that allow people to ingest the dried plant material as vapor rather than through a combustion method. The dispensaries will also be permitted to sell edible forms of marijuana for patients that can’t inhale the plant material.

Check out the enclosed video news clip for more details regarding Massachusetts’ medical marijuana dispensary license application process. Thanks for flying with The 420 Times!

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  1. MeeMan

    35 licences up for grabs and 181 applications for them?
    Well, they can’t say this subject isn’t popular or that the people lack enthusiasm.

    I wonder if pubs/bars, chemists/drug stores, fast food outlets also have to jump through all these hoops and pay these costs, to get their licences to sell their toxic crap to the public.

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