oilMost individuals throughout the marijuana consuming community know about Rick Simpson from his ever popular “Run From The Cure” documentary which reveals his method for making the life-saving hashish oil that he refers to as Phoenix Tears. But what has Rick been up to since the initial release of his eye opening film?

After suffering a head injury back in 1997, Rick had discovered, and started to use, a highly concentrated form of hashish oil in order to bring him reprieve from his ailment. He soon realized the multitude of medicinal benefits that his hash oil had to offer mankind and began to share it with as many people as he could, free of charge.

Through his generous efforts, Rick and his marijuana oil ended up curing and controlling literally hundreds of people’s illnesses. But unfortunately, he may have been a little too public with his activities, regardless of his good intentions, because once the long arm of the law caught wind of his deeds, they stepped in and pulled the plug.

On November 25th, 2009 in Amsterdam, one day before Rick was slated to be crowned the Freedom Fighter of the Year for 2009 at the Cannabis Cup, he received word that his property had been raided once again by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

Rick contacted officials at the Amherst attachment and asked if he was being charged with anything, and all they would say was that the RCMP wanted to speak with him. He concluded that the purpose of this particular raid was to keep him from returning to Canada.

Due to fear of being arrested and put in prison without access to hash oil to treat his medical conditions, Rick made the decision to remain a free man and continued to travel throughout Europe staying with friends.

“It seems the goal is to keep me from returning home and they succeeded. But to what end? All hemp magazines on this planet are now telling their readers how to heal themselves with this wonderful medicine. If governments want to live in denial, it will be short-lived. We are gaining tens of thousands of followers every day. You cannot stop the truth,” Rick Simpson.

In May of 2012, the authorities in Canada dropped the charges against Rick and he has since traveled back to Nova Scotia after visiting 20 countries, throughout his period of avoiding prosecution, attempting to raise awareness regarding the medicinal benefits that the marijuana plant has to offer all mankind.

trichomesNow, temporarily back in Canada, Rick is continuing to speak to groups and organizations throughout North America about the healing powers of concentrated hemp oil. Rick has decided that he can’t remain in Canada regardless of the charges being dropped due to the fact that he has lost faith in the country’s government and law enforcement officials and will return to Europe once his speaking tour of British Columbia is complete.

Rick has an e-book available titled Phoenix Tears, Rick Simpson Oil, Nature’s Answer For Cancer which is a summary of information that is currently available about the use of marijuana/hemp oil as a medicine. It also includes detailed information about how to produce and use Phoenix Tears in the treatment of practically all illnesses.

Quote from the e-book:

Question: “How did you come to discover how to cure cancer and many other illnesses with hemp?

Rick’s reply: “I consider myself just one of many who have found a way to cure cancer and I certainly was not the first one to produce an essential oil from the hemp plant. A radio broadcast told me that THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) kills cancer cells way back in the 1970s, so I do not claim that it was me who found the cure. Still, it does appear that I am the first to supply this medication to vast numbers of patients to treat their cancers and other conditions in a more effective and sensible way.

In addition, I continued to report my findings openly to the general public after the government and all they control turned their backs on this issue. Since this plant has been used in medicine for thousands of years, I really do not think that anyone can make the claim that they alone discovered its true medical values.

The only thing that I can really claim is that I discovered the proper way to produce and use this substance and I developed and published a protocol to make it simpler for patients to enjoy its use. As often as I could, I provided the medicine free of charge and I openly reported my findings to anyone who would listen, expecting that sooner or later someone would do something about it.”

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How to make Phoenix Tears: