Not da' kind bud, but it is beneficial to mankind.

Not da’ kind bud, but it is beneficial to mankind.

We here at The 420 Times are excited to introduce the latest documentary regarding the multitude of uses that the miraculous hemp plant has to offer all mankind and its unwarranted prohibition, Bringing It Home.

The documentary in question highlights the hemp plant’s plethora of beneficial usages and questions as to why this particular crop remains illegal to cultivate in the United States which is exemplified by defining its history, exploring the country’s existing hemp industry and by speaking with the opposition and advocates of the efforts to legalize the cultivation of the currently illegal crop.

Linda Booker, the film’s producer, director, editor and lead interviewer, does a remarkable job of explaining the history of the hemp plant via interviews with hemp business leaders and entrepreneurs located throughout the world.

The filmmaking crew intends for the documentary to heighten discussion regarding the magnificent hemp plant in order to expedite the United States’ evolution to an educated, ecological, and vigorous future which will hopefully include the ability for farmers to legally cultivate hemp on American soil.

Linda and her crew were motivated to make this brilliant film after hearing Anthony Brenner’s story about his quest to locate the healthiest building material available so he could construct a safe indoor environment for his daughter Bailey. Anthony’s efforts to build this special environment were emphasized due to the fact that Bailey suffers with a rare genetic disorder and sensitivity to synthetic chemicals.

hemp fiberboard

hemp fiberboard

Bailey’s story is just one of the encouraging accounts that are profiled in this film which offers its viewers a new association to the subject of the harmfulness that exists in most of our homes due to the use of noxiousness traditional building materials and how the use of hempen resources could play a crucial role in pioneering healthy, environmentally sound building resolutions.

The hemp industry generates billions of dollars annually here in the United States all while the farming of the plant remains illegal which forces hemp product manufacturers that reside in America to import the cultivated crops from foreign sources. The importation of hemp produces unnecessary greenhouse gases because it has to be transported by fossil fuel consuming vehicles, not to mention the inflated price tag that has to be placed on the manufactured products to compensate for the cost of said transportation.

The staff here at The 420 Times highly recommends that you make every effort possible to see this wonderfully educational film. You can help spread the awareness and educate your community about the numerous benefits that the hemp plant has to offer our country by arranging a screening of Bringing It Home in your municipality. To become actively involved with Linda and her filmmaking crew’s efforts to inform the masses about industrial hemp simply follow this link!

Enjoy the enclosed documentary trailer! Thanks for flying with The 420 Times!

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