strain hunters 1For this edition of “Saturday at the Movies” we are traveling along with the boys from Green House Seed Co. as they embark on another wonderful journey as the Strain Hunters in search of original Swaziland genetics.

If you haven’t had the pleasure to view a Strain Hunters documentary before, then you are in for a real marijuana-lovers treat. The boys travel to remote areas exploring private marijuana cultivation plots in hopes of tracking down the ultimate in genuine genetics, collecting seeds from the finest phenotypes and then taking those beautiful beans back to the Green House Seeds laboratory in order to breed them for commercial retailing.

strain hunters 2Educational, entertaining and just plain cool, you can’t go wrong with the Strain Hunters. So, break out that special frosty nug you’ve had stashed for a special occasion, pack up your favorite implement of destruction and come along on a marvelous marijuana seed-searching adventure.

Thanks for flying with The 420 Times, we appreciate your readership! We hope you enjoy the inflight movie. Oxygen masks will be provided for those that feel they may have overindulged in dabbery.