200px-Seal_of_Florida.svgJohn Morgan, a prominent Orlando lawyer, has initiated a petition drive in Florida with the intention of placing medical marijuana on the state’s 2014 ballot.

“My belief in the end when people really think this through, cancer, and multiple sclerosis, and ALS, and glaucoma, they don’t really pick you out because you’re a Democratic or Republican, they tend to pick you out because that’s just the way the cookie crumbles,” Morgan avowed.

We previously reported that the efforts to legalize marijuana for medicinal dedications in Florida failed to traverse the legislative gauntlet of scrutiny last session.

IMG_6885House Speaker Will Weatherford had effectively tabled House Bill 1139, or the “Cathy Jordan Medical Cannabis Act,”  due to his apprehensiveness regarding the controversy said measure had generated and the fact that it may harm Republicans’ electoral prospects.

Will John Morgan’s labors prove to be fruitful and give Florida residents another opportunity to vote on the issue in 2014? Follow this link to get involved.

Stay with The 420 Times for any new developments regarding the petition drive and for all your marijuana community news.

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