oilSome consumers throughout the marijuana community are considering 7/10 to be the new 4/20. I’m not sure if that’s exactly catching on or not. I know I still enjoy putting the flame to a nice frosty bowl of flowers toked through a bong, but when it comes to enjoying a few dabs of oily deliciousness there are three methods that are sure to get the glob done.

  1. Oil rigs and Water pipes: Other than the yet to be perfected electric nail, the titanium domeless nail heated with butane coupled with your favorite water pipe of choosing has to be domeless nailthe absolute best way to deliver the deliciousness that finely crafted concentrates have to offer its consumers. Heated to the proper temperature, the nail can supply the smoker with some of the smoothest, tastiest and most potent form of marijuana that they have ever had the opportunity to inhale. Hold on tight, and you may want to be sitting down if it’s your first flight.
  2. Oops, wrong skillet. Is that my brain on dabs? I'll take mine medium-well, please!

    Oops, wrong skillet. Is that my brain on dabs? I’ll take mine medium-well, please!

    Skillets and Glass domes: Not the best process available, but it is one of the original methods and it’s tried and true. The skillet seems to be quickly becoming quite antiquated in respect to today’s consumers of all things concentrated. It’s bulky, you still need to flame it up, but it is quite effective if that’s what you’re into at the moment. It just seems as if most oilers of the dab world are leaning their torches toward the nail and away from the dome.

  3. Health stones, no nails and no domes: It has been around the marketplace for a minute, but it seems as if its popularity is just now starting to gain numbers, the health stone. healthstoneIt is a stone that replaces the screen in your glass bowl, whether for your dry pipes or water pipes. It eliminates the need for a nail, skillet, dome, screen, knife, hot lump of coal under a glass lampshade, etc., etc…you get the drift. You still need your buddy the butane torch lighter handy, but other than that you don’t have to wait for the nail to heat up or worry about throwing on the dome before you lose your nail heat, where did I put that damn dome! Just load up a dab or a glob of the flavor of the day, point the flame its way and puff, puff, dab away! It works very well with regular hash and kief too, or all three at once!

oil rigSo, what’s your favorite way to make globs of highly concentrated goodness enter your lungs? What better day to share your method with The 420 Times and our marijuana community friends than on 7/10! Let us know in the comment section below. Be sure and check out all of our posts about the world of dabs! Thanks for flying with The 420 Times! Stay up, and when you get squeaky do a dab of oil!