Flag_of_Canada.svgAfter two years of study and discussion, the Canadian federal government has finalized new rubrics regarding the country’s medical marijuana program and granted a reprieve to pharmacists who opposed the rules in their draft form.

Canada’s Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq revealed the latest regulations for formal publication in the Canada Gazette.

Under Canada’s new command, the government will no longer produce or distribute medical marijuana and users will no longer be permitted to grow in the privacy of their own homes.

420times_000016053635XSmallHealth Canada proclaimed that since the medical marijuana program was introduced in 2001, it has expanded to 30,000 registered patients from the original 500 authorized to use the plant as a medicine.

“This rapid increase has had unintended consequences for public health, safety and security as a result of allowing individuals to produce marijuana in their homes,” the department declared in a news release. “Under the new regulations, production will no longer take place in homes and municipal zoning laws will need to be respected, which will further enhance public safety.”

According to the new regulations, the government will permit patients to purchase prescribed amounts of marijuana solely from licensed cultivators who will be required to meet strict conditions.

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