The shield of dishonor.

The shield of dishonor.

Well, color me shocked as the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) decides to actually do their job by initiating a nationwide sting of synthetic drug manufacturers, which resulted in the arrests of more than 200 people that were involved.

The DEA served a total of 375 search warrants, 150 arrest warrants, seized bank accounts throughout 35 states and clutched approximately 2,000 pounds of the chemicals that are used to manufacture potentially fatal synthetic drugs such as bath salts and the ever popular synthetic cannabinoid compound that is sold as imitation marijuana.

The United Nations drug control agency cautions that the proliferation of designer drugs is getting out of hand. They are claiming that new variations of the compounds are being developed quicker than governmental officials can outlaw them.

DEA2These are the types of assignments that the DEA needs to be tackling, not performing “smash and grabs” on medical marijuana dispensaries in order to restock Obama’s stash box. Maybe the DEA is starting to feel a little better about not being invited to the “bigger fish to fry” picnic and feels it’s time to get some real work accomplished. I doubt they stop the storm-trooper tactics, but at least they are doing something worthwhile for once!

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