WADA_logoThe World Anti-Doping Agency’s executive committee has decided to increase the accepted levels of Carboxy-THC in the bloodstream from 15 nanograms per milliliter to 150, which considerably reduces the probabilities of an athlete testing positive for out-of-competition marijuana usage.

“All samples received by laboratories post May 11 will be subject to the new threshold level,” World Anti-Doping Agency officials wrote in a news release. “As a matter of fairness and to provide consistency, World Anti-Doping Agency advises not to pursue cases currently in the results management phase where the reported concentration is less than the new threshold (150 ng/mL). Also, for any analyses conducted from May 11 onwards, laboratories are requested not to report any THC case result below the acceptable threshold, regardless of the sample receipt date.”


Lemonade, that cool refreshing drink.

Seemingly the athletes that will benefit the most from the agency’s decision to raise the Carboxy-THC levels would be those participating in the Olympics and professional mixed martial arts.

Testing for THC metabolites has become a topic of heavy discussion among the sport of mixed martial arts in the past few years with competitors such as Nick Diaz, Dave Herman, Matt Riddle and Robbie Peralta all having been popped for testing positive for pot via a post-bout performance enhancing drug screening.

Recently veteran lightweight Pat “Bam Bam” Healy tested positive for THC metabolites following his UFC 159 victory over Jim Miller, which resulted in a 90-day suspension and Pat’s win being changed to a no-contest. He also saw his post-fight bonus money rescinded, which totaled at a whopping $130,000.

The Association of Boxing Commissions President Tim Lueckenhoff hasn’t commented as of how or even if the agency’s conclusion will affect the world of professional boxing and mixed martial arts.

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