Seal_of_New_York.svgNew York Senator Liz Krueger has announced her plans to introduce legislation that would legalize the recreational use, possession, home cultivation and state-licensed retailing of marijuana for adults over the age of 21 in her republic.

The legislation in question is entitled the Marijuana, Regulation, and Taxation Act, which would permit adults to cultivate up to 6 plants in the privacy of their homes and also allow them to possess up to 2 ounces of dried flowers.

“It is my intention as a New York State senator to soon introduce a law that would actually decriminalize, regulate and tax marijuana in New York,” Krueger decreed.

newyorkThe legislation would establish state-licensed marijuana retail outlets, which will be regulated through the New York State Liquor Authority.

Approximately 80 percent of the tax revenue generated from the proposed legal marijuana marketplace would be deposited in the state’s general fund with the remainder going toward substance abuse, criminal re-entry and job training programs.

If you live in New York and have an interest in seeing marijuana legalized in your state then become actively involved and take action by contacting your state politicians. Knowledge is power, but only when it’s applied.

Stay with The 420 Times for any updates regarding Senator Krueger’s efforts to legalize marijuana in the Big Apple and for all your cannabis community news.

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  1. Craig Thomson

    NYC – show the world ( David Cameron – I wish you were listening ) that weed needs to be freed !! The idiotic prohibition law’s are so outdated that it makes me sick to my stomach !!
    Lovin what I am seeing in the US with state by state opting to at least make weed available medicinally. #progress #iwishbritainwouldfollowsuitbutitwillneverhappen

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