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The city of Garden Grove is taking full advantage of the California Supreme Court’s recent ruling to permit cities and counties to downright ban medical marijuana dispensaries from operating in their municipalities by ordering more than 60 businesses to close up shop or face serious consequences.

Garden Grove city officials previously had letters hand-delivered to a total of 63 medical marijuana dispensaries which warned them to cease operations and close their doors or they could stand to be fined up to a $1,000 a day with possible criminal charges involved.

420times_000011009467XSmallNumerous opponents of the dispensary ban turned out at the latest City Council meeting in order to protest their actions, but to no avail.

Now that the closures are being finalized, patients that reside in Garden Grove are forced to obtain their medical marijuana supply from surrounding municipalities that still permit dispensaries, which could mean traveling an unnecessarily long distance for some patients.

Will certain cities throughout California feel the need to play the God-role now that the Supreme Court has given them the power to do so? We can only hope that for the patient’s sake that the necessity to overpower the will of the people stays confined to Garden Grove and won’t become an epidemic.

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