Ever since marijuana was legalized in Colorado it seems that there are more and more individuals attempting to operate recreational marijuana businesses within what they are referring to as the “gray areas” of Amendment 64.

weedThe final rubrics and regulations of Amendment 64 are still being deliberated over by an assigned task force, but apparently there are some folks that don’t seem to think it’s necessary to wait for the finalization of said regulations before they start operating quasi-legal businesses.

One marijuana entrepreneur in particular has started a delivery service that offers individuals the opportunity to have a sack of the kind brought to your door within 45 minutes or less through an add he posted on craigslist. He offers a variety of strains all of which can be obtained via a designated “donation” according to how many grams and the quality of the bud. Oy vey, talk about stretching a law in order to test its elastic limitations!

We have enclosed a video clip that includes a reporter from CNN riding along with the aforementioned ganja delivery mogul as he openly discusses every aspect of his business model.

We here @ The 420 Times are just as eager as everyone else in the cannabis community to learn the final regulations for the recreational marijuana marketplace in Colorado, so keep your mouse parked right here for any new developments concerning Amendment 64 and for all your cannabis community news and entertainment.

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