Currently farmers in the United States have been effectively prohibited from cultivating hemp for any dedication due to the requirement of special cultivation permits that must be obtained through the Drug Enforcement Administration in order to legally farm the plant; but we all know how that’s been working out.

farmers unionDue to the government’s unwillingness to show an inkling of intelligence by officially distinguishing hemp from its psychoactive, THC-rich cousin cannabis, the National Farmers Union has recently assumed a policy urging our beloved governmental officials to “direct the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency to differentiate between industrial hemp and marijuana and adopt policy to allow American farmers to grow industrial hemp under state law without requiring DEA licenses.”

The United States is the absolute largest hemp consuming country on the planet yet it still remains unlawful to cultivate the plant on American soil all due to the true devil in disguise, Harry Anslinger, and his asinine “Marihuana Tax Act.”

Bush of a hemp with dropsDoug Fine is the author of the book “Too High To Fail,” and he believes a crop that is as beneficial as hemp shouldn’t be prohibited from being cultivating in America.

“I can’t give a rational explanation as to why something as valuable as hemp – which other countries are making so much money off and importing to us – why we’re not growing this by the millions of acres,” Fine affirmed.

Activists battling for the re-legalizing of hemp are gaining confidence and are seeing opportunities to act arising as more and more states across the country are lobbying for the legalization of cannabis for recreational and medicinal purposes.

Permitting our farmers to cultivate hemp would benefit our country and planet on numerous levels. Become actively involved and help bring an end to the lunacy of cannabis prohibition.

Enjoy the news clip and pass the hemp seed dip.

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  1. MeeMan

    Cannabis is Latin, Hemp is Anglo-Saexon for the same plant(s).
    What they should be asking, as the UK has already defined these with separate licences from the Home Office, is to specify the plant as “Industrial Hemp” which has low THC and “Medicinal Hemp/Indian Hemp” which has high THC rather than trying to distinguish between two words that identify the same plant from two different origins.

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