A  Southeast Portland, Oregon couple has filed a complaint against their next-door neighbors for what they declare to be an offensive cannabis odor lofting onto their property.

200px-Seal_of_Oregon.svgZane and Gloria Peterson were just two happy-go-lucky Oregonians until they acquired new neighbors in 2012 that apparently unloaded the aromatic disturbance along with their boxes marked “Living Room-Fragile.”

The Peterson’s describe an odor from what is actually a quasi-legal residential medical cannabis grow to have an overwhelming skunk like smell which Gloria is claiming has had detrimental effects on her health as of late.

“My face gets completely tingly and just paralyzed,” Gloria avowed. “And my sinuses burn, my throat burns, my eyes burn from it.”

The Peterson's new neighbors. Mystery solved!

The Peterson’s new neighbors. Mystery solved!

The Peterson’s are also proclaiming that not only is the cannabis cultivation permeation affecting Gloria’s health, it is having a harmful effect on their pets as well.

“He hacks really bad, coughs. And this one here, Bartleby, he sneezes a lot,” Zane decreed when referring to the ailments that two of his five rescued dogs are suffering with due to the odor.

“They’ve destroyed the livability of the neighborhood,” Gloria said.

Gloria Peterson has emailed Mayor Charlie Hales and the Portland city commissioner’s office about her concerns with the mayor’s spokesperson replying that his office was unaware of the issue.

This won’t be the last report we make concerning individuals having problems with powerful aromas pervading across invisible property lines and invading the privacy of their nasal cavities.

For most of the cannabis consuming community the fragrance of sweet-smelling cannabis ripening on the vine is one of nature’s greatest gifts to the nasal passages, but unfortunately not everyone feels the same on this odorous topic.

Enjoy the news clip and pass the potpourri dip.

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  1. MeeMan

    Flowering plants that give off odours? Whatever next? We cannot stand for this intrusion into our lives by nature. Who does she think she is, the mother of all life on the Planet? Scandalous! We must make synthetic odours of our own from whale grease and alcohol to deaden this natural smell of flowers. Let us call it “Perfume” and give it a pleasant odour… maybe of… flowers.

    For the love of God, when you’re up against nature you should know you’ve already lost before you’ve fought. I’d count how many fingers these people have and whether or not they’re closely related… but not in a god-forbidden natural way… LMAO

    Just goes to show, you don’t have to live in the woods to be a banjo player!

  2. Jvanmt

    I’m quite sure this woman’s claims are very hyperbolic. While cannabis does have a strong odor the symptoms she describes simply aren’t realistic. Sounds like another crusader trying a different angle to me.

  3. drmaddogs

    Lets face it, the ‘smell’ is an ‘acquired taste’, lol. I love a good Cabernet, but the smell of it processing is somewhat rank. Chicken tastes good, but touring the processing factory is not a pleasant thing-peeyuoooo!
    It is within real law for quiet enjoyment of ones property and being respectable of others is necessary for respect to be returned. The grower simply needs to setup filtration and see if the neighbor returns that respect.

    • Erik A. Gifford

      Filtration is one of the most expensive aspects when setting up an indoor garden that’s why most individuals choose to go without, but I agree, they should be more conscious of their surroundings. Thanks for commenting!

      • drmaddogs

        Anyone considered washing their activated charcoal(reactivate) with lye and extending the life 5x? Fwiw, I’ve seen “Cowboy Charcoal” at 10$ per 20 pds prepared this way(Keeping in mind proper safety-ventilation, eye cover, gloves, exposure to aluminum, glass and low reheat to dry out?)

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