Oregon’s House Bill 3460 advances through the legislative process after a successful public hearing that was held on Monday April 8.

Flag_of_Oregon.svgThe legislation in question would direct the Oregon Health Authority to establish a registration system for medical cannabis facilities in the state if it effectively traverses the entire legislative gauntlet of inquiry.

The bill that was introduced by Representative Peter Buckley and Senator Floyd Prozanski would necessitate medical cannabis services to obtain a license from the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program similar to the license that patients and registered cannabis cultivators are obligated to acquire under current law.

A prosperous HB 3460 would offer authorized patients long-awaited legal, state-sanctioned, above-ground safe access to their medicine.

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  1. MeeMan

    Who, exactly, are patients registering with, and why, when medical records are supposed to be private?
    Since when would someone need to be registered for a non-toxic medication?
    This is too much. It should be made on-sale for the general public as any other low-grade medicine or drug, like Aspirin or co-codamol or caffeine, not treated like heroin for some addict.

    Once you walk down the road of allowing the “State” to dictate to you what (anything) you can or can’t do, you give away your freedom of self-determination, self-reliance and self-sovereignty and become nothing more than “Wards of the State” and a Serf in Serfdom; with the State being the only Sovereign entity in the land.

    And you thought slavery and subservience were history…

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