The season finale of the Discovery Channel series “Weed Country” airs tonight at 10pm EST/PST.

In tonight’s episode: “The Jackson County and Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Departments are teaming up to take down the biggest grow of the season. Mere miles away Shotwell arrives at Mike Boutin’s house to pick up the weed he feels will put him back on top, but Mike isn’t ready to hand over any weed, having not spoken to Matt since their first meeting. Late at night, Mike’s plants are ripped from the ground and Mike suspects it was his guests who did it.”

An incredible journey ends for now on TV but continues in real life for tens of thousands of growers across the country.

– Joe Klare

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Joe Klare has been writing about marijuana issues for the past 5 years online, in print and on air.

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  1. famlee1st

    I love this show! I hate that its legal by state laws but not federal. America can get out of the national debt if they use the tax off of the sales to pay the debt! They said that it is a 80 billon dollar industry in California alone. So Wtf is or government doing. And marijuana haven’t killed anyone like liquor and beers. Ohio we need to legalize it here to we have a lot of cancer and aids patients here that need a lil bud to stop their pains and aches. I watch my aunt and cousin suffer everyday from cancer.

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