The occupation of a computer coder can be physically taxing and long hours at the keyboard tend to cause agonizing wrist, neck and back pain. So how are technological workers in and around Silicon Valley relieving their discomfort? Apparently a large percentage of them are turning to medicinal cannabis.

My current laptop.

My current laptop.

When you’re feeling those aches and pains associated with being hunched over a computer for several hours a day you could easily run out to the local retailer and pick-up a bottle of over-the-counter pain reliever. Or you could apply for a medicinal cannabis card and grab a couple grams of Indica-dominant from your local dispensary.

It seems the computer technologist have figured out that not only is cannabis a safer and more intelligent choice than over-the-counter pain medications, but it also offers a motivational feature which  aids in their creative process as well.

Ernie Arreola is the assistant manager from the Palliative Health dispensary and he claims close to 40% of his clients are employed in some facet of the technological field.

“We’re seeing people from some semiconductors, lots of engineers, lots of programmers,” Ernie avowed.

To give those numbers a little perspective you have to take into account that the Palliative Health dispensary is just a short drive from some of the area’s largest employers such as  Adobe Systems, Apple, eBay, Cisco Systems, and Google.

computer1The chief executive officer of Zite in San Francisco and self-proclaimed daily toker, Mark Johnson, declares cannabis use among tech workers is “extremely common.”

“People just don’t care,” Johnson said. “If you do, you don’t need to hide it; and if you don’t, you accept that there are people around you that do.”

According to Doug Chloupek from the MedMar Healing Center dispensary, a substantial amount of his tech worker clients prefer non-intoxicating cannabis infused edibles in order to maintain pain relief while working extended shifts.

“It does not give the high or intoxicated feeling that you would typically get from a lot of medical cannabis,” Chloupek professed. “Those who are coding for 15 hours a day with cramping hands that is the product that allows them to have mental clarity and still get pain relief.”

The use of cannabis among tech workers seems to be so common in fact that company owners are having a tough time finding prospective employees that can successfully pass a pre-employment drug screening.

IMG_6888Barry Sample, the director of science and technology for Quest Diagnostics Employer Solutions can attest to that very fact.  “Silicon Valley data support recent news reports citing some employers who say they are having a hard time finding candidates that can pass the pre-employment drug test.”

I can assure you that pre-employment drug testing is outmoded in terms of tactics for screening-out questionable candidates. People that consume cannabis on a regular basis are aware of said screening processes and either refrain from consuming our find alternative ways of passing the testing phase.

The only way to restructure the way America perceives cannabis is to change the minds of the bureaucrats that created this primordial war in the first place.

Get actively involved on a grass roots level and “be the change.”

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