The government officials in Copenhagen, Denmark are pondering over the initiation of the legalization of cannabis for recreational purposes and have considered approaching the American states of Colorado and Washington for their preliminary cannabis supply.

200px-National_Coat_of_arms_of_Denmark.svg“We are looking abroad for where we could import cannabis,” Mikkel Warming, deputy mayor for social affairs avowed. “Yes, we are looking at Colorado and Washington, but we are also looking at places like Great Britain, where there is state-controlled production of marijuana for medical purposes.”

When prominent cannabis sponsor, Mason Tvert, was questioned for his opinion on the matter he responded somewhat sardonically.

“This obviously would be illegal under state and federal law,” Tvert proclaimed. “Right now, our federal government is right to be focusing on how we can be reconciling state and federal laws.”

The Copenhagen City Council is proposing to legalize cannabis on a trial basis for a period of three years with the argument that said proposition could reduce gang related crime activity “and a better life for average cannabis users.”

Mason "Legalized It" Tvert

Mason “Legalized It” Tvert

Deputy Mayor Warming claims he understands that cannabis is still criminal under federal law and that official consultations haven’t been conducted concerning the deportation of the substance from either Washington or Colorado.

Warming has confidence that some type of an agreement could be reached if both countries were in support of the subject. “It’s possible if there is the political will for it in the United States,” Warming declared.

“Perhaps, in the future marijuana will be a product that will be traded internationally much like beer is imported from all over the world,” Mason Tvert averred. “But at this point in time, there needs to be a focus on establishing these state regulated systems in Colorado and Washington.”

Help us concentrate on the proverbial brass ring which is bringing intellect and surety to the fearful and ill-informed individuals that keep this outmoded war on tokers ongoing. Get actively involved and be the change.

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