The Colorado House has passed its first cannabis-related legislation of this particular session. The House Bill 1061 or otherwise known as the Responsible Medical Marijuana Vendors legislation has successfully navigated its way through the House floor and is gleefully heading toward its next destination, the Senate.

Rep. Dominick Moreno

Rep. Dominick Moreno

House Bill 1061 is designed to create a form of training program for dispensary employees. Companies with interest in operating training schools for dispensary employees must apply to the state Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division in order to receive the necessary certification.

Once a dispensary’s employee roster has successfully completed the training process with a certified educationalist, said dispensary would then be granted the coveted “responsible vendor designation.”

That particular title or a “seal of approval” if you will, is said to be equivalent to a Better Business Bureau designation. A similar program is already in existence for the state’s liquor stores.

Representative Dominick Moreno, the legislation’s sponsor, believes this specific program could prove to be beneficial for both the vendors and the state.

Ganja graduation day!!

Ganja graduation day!!

“It’s important that these medical-marijuana businesses be able to self-regulate,” Moreno proclaimed. “And we are able to deem which dispensaries are being responsible and which ones aren’t.”

A group of medical cannabis vendors testified in support of the legislation which passed through the House chamber with an official tally of 55 voting in favor of the bill and a mere 9 members balloting against the regulation.

Legislation that was all but identical to House Bill 1061 perished in the House chamber in 2012 which has left its advocates feeling quite optimistic for the trip to the Senate’s hall.

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