A new poll out of Florida shows massive support in the state for medical marijuana in the form of an amendment to the state constitution. The poll, conducted for People United for Medical Marijuana, shows 70% in favor with only 24% against MMJ legalization, with a surprising 56% of Republicans in support.

420times_000014051783XSmallMost support comes from the heavily urban areas of the state, like Miami and Orlando.

“Supporters of the proposed amendment are less certain to cast ballots in the 2014 governor’s race,” David Beattie, Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson’s pollster, wrote in an analysis of the poll of 600 registered voters taken Jan. 30-Feb. 3 by his firm, Hamilton Campaigns.

If it made the ballot, the measure would draw even more attention to Florida’s nationally watched 2014 election in which Gov. Rick Scott will fight for his political life.

Medical marijuana polls very well in most areas of the country, and elected officials are usually the last to catch up to the trend. But in a big state like Florida there are many people counting on their representatives to fight for them. Hundreds of thousands of people could benefit from medical cannabis and there will obviously be little negative ramifications politically, so what is the hold up?

Money from Big Pharma has a lot to do with it. Medical marijuana will wipe out the pharmaceutical industry as we know it once it is nationally available, and they of course want to mitigate that as much as possible. But their days are numbered.

The momentum behind medical marijuana is too great to overcome.

– Joe Klare

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