It may have taken a minute or two, but it seems the United States Drug Enforcement Administration has finally noticed the medical cannabis delivery service that exists in the state of California.

DEA_badge_CApparently the feds have extended their medical cannabis crackdown reign to going after the quasi-legal delivery service that has been blooming as of late.

“This is their new gig to try to skirt the law,” claims DEA Special Agent Amy Roderick.

The feds feel the increase in medical cannabis delivery services is directly due to the fact that their efforts have been focused on actual brick and mortar storefronts as opposed to the cannabis-on-call service.

Cali med-jane patients beware; your bring-me-some-bud service of preference may be under surveillance.

Of course they aren’t saying what businesses will be targeted or when they will initiate their strategy, but no one particular business is safe when the feds are involved. Danger! Drug prohibition in process!

dispensaryThe Drug Enforcement Administration has said they will be working closely with the United States Attorney’s Office in order to meet their stratagem.

“Decisions to proceed with prosecutions will be decided on the merits and federal interest,” a spokesperson for the U.S. Attorney’s Office avowed.

In October 2011 U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy sent warning letters to 250 storefronts throughout San Diego ordering them to close their doors. Today, 18 of those dispensaries remain open with the DEA planning to ensure they also shut their businesses down by the end of summer 2013.

“They have had ample time to understand the letters, so when they don’t close, they can’t be surprised when we show up at their door,” Roderick affirmed.

“We’ve got bigger fish to fry,” my ass! It sure didn’t take the feds very long to get back on the warpath!

The only way the lies come to an end is when we bring this antediluvian war on tokers to a close. Get involved on a grass roots level and be a part of history in the making.

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  1. DLaun

    Excuse Me “Captain Cannabis” !
    I take offense at that, I am a Christian that FIRMLY believes that NO natural “God Given” plant should be BANNED, He obviously has a use for ALL of them but we just haven’t figured them all out yet, Scientific Knowledge is continually advancing and Stupid us may Just be throwing the Baby out with the Bath water, Satan did NOT put ANY plants or Animals here on this Earth – GOD DID! The key reference is right in Genesis, It starts at 1:29 and ends at 1:31 and appears again in Isaiah, I am no Bible Thumper but I DO know and Understand what it says. The Cannabis plant obviously sews seed after itself! and It does have a Nutritional Value!

    • MeeMan

      Are you aware that a drug parcel was passed to Jesus, by one of his friends, as he was being dragged off by the Roman soldiers?
      Are you also aware that it was common practice in that part of the world, at that time, for people to anoint themselves or be anointed by those of religious stature, with cannabis oil (hashish resin)? Still is in some parts of the world. This would mean that Jesus, his disciples and followers were quite familiar with the use of cannabis and since it gets absorbed slowly into the system through the skin, it can be said, in all honestly, that Jesus and his associates, got high from cannabis.
      History is a funny thing, if you’re willing to look at it through clear eyes.

    • BobKat

      I find it ironic that US has “IN GOD WE TRUST” printed on all our money and that you’re absolutely correct DLaun that it is not WE who manufacture cannabis, but rather GOD. I also find it ironic that the “Christians” I’ve known feel/felt guilty using cannabis, and feel they are committing sin, when in fact you’re correct God did give “All the plants of the land” to humankind. Do you think WE should blame Women (Eve) for bringing a curse down on humankind for eating of “the forbidden fruit”? Do you think maybe Christians believe cannabis is the “forbidden fruit”, something that Adam and Eve already paid the price for using, having been expelled from Eden? Maybe those who minister for God don’t understand double- jeopardy? They preach often about how “Jesus died for our sins”, but hardly ever about how Adam and Eve died first for our original sins. All I know is, it seems Christians feel they are doing something sinful when using cannabis, yet alcohol and tobacco are okay because our gov’t says so. And “US” is on the badge of DEA agents to remind US we’re not “WE”, but rather, subjects; subject to the whims and ways of government.

  2. MeeMan

    Drug ENFORCEMENT Administration. The clue’s in the name! Shouldn’t they be the ones making the drug-deliveries, or at least, enforcing those that do to get there on time?
    Oh wait, they only get involved with the cocaine and heroine deliveries their own guys ship in from south of the border!
    And what’s with the badge? Who’s “US” when they’re at home? Is that so they know who they are? I suppose “US” sounds better than “WE” which sounds a bit too French.

  3. gtfoutofoffice

    Maybe the gov’ should just legalize marijuana and then pay of the countries debt cz its a waste of money to put a person in jail because of weed and really stupid that even innocent citizens will be affected by layoffs because of this useless budget cut in the gov’….. Stop being ignorants WASHINGTON for having a peoples voices no heard on what we the people want for a better future

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