After the Michigan Supreme Court ruled earlier this month that medical marijuana dispensaries were illegal, a state representative in Michigan is going to introduce a bill that would make them legal if enacted into law.

420times_000009004559XSmall-150x150State Rep. Mike Callton’s bill already has 8 Republican co-sponsors and 8 Democrat co-sponsors. “I’m a Republican and I’m from a conservative area, but I’ve seen growing support from a lot of other legislators for this from both parties,” Callton said.

And with the Supreme Court’s ruling, the time to move is now, as dispensaries operators across the state try to continue to serve their patients while fearing the law’s knock on the door.

“I want people to be able to take a recommendation for (marijuana) from their doctor — we’re not calling it a prescription; the pharmacy people told me that was their word — and be able to go to what we’re calling a provisionary center,” Callton said.

Whatever you call it, patients in Michigan need a place to purchase their medicine if they are unable to grow their own and if they can’t find a registered caregiver.

Meanwhile, Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette is sending out letters later this week telling all county prosecutors to shut down anything that resembles a dispensary. So unless this bill is passed and signed in short order, there is going to be a period of time where there are virtually no dispensaries in Michigan.

Hopefully a better and more-defined dispensary system is what comes out of all this, serving patients all across the state.

– Joe Klare

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