Three Kings

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Three Kings

Today’s dose of T.H.C. is a strain that goes by the name Three Kings courtesy of Elemental Wellness in San Jose, CA. Three Kings is a Sativa dominant hybrid tested at 24.03% THC and is a cross between OG Kush, Sour Diesel and Headband all of which are top notch strains on their own, but when combined they take you to a whole new level of medicated.

How’s it Look

This particular batch was actually Clean Green Certified meaning the grower used clean organic methods when growing this cannabis and boy does the quality of the flower show! There is a beautiful light green color throughout the buds with amber hairs shooting out every which way and the dusting of trichomes makes it glisten like a stripper in the sun.

How’s it Smell

There is a sweet almost tangy aroma that instantly fills the room once the seal to the jar is cracked. The earthy smell of the OG Kush is very apparent and it is followed up by a slight lavender scent that is really pleasing to the nostrils.

How’s it Smoke/Taste

It is a surprisingly smooth hit when smoked, the urge to cough or even clear my throat never came which could be attributed to the methods used when growing. The smooth inhale is followed by a flavorful exhale where you can really taste the earthy tang of the OG Kush crossing with Sour Diesel. It instantly hits the head and relaxes the eye lids a bit creating a calming affect that slowly spreads through out the rest of the body without leaving you feeling lethargic.

What’s it Use

Overall this is a great strain that I could see being helpful for people dealing with anxiety or someone with minor aches/pains looking for some relief but still wanting to be productive with their day. It has a mild pain relieving quality that is overpowered by the calming affect that over leaves you fairly stress free.

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