Godfather Kush

The Herbal Chronicles is a reoccurring series where we review different strains of medical cannabis. We cover the genetics, look, taste, smell and overall use for each strain. If you have a strain that you think  we should review let me know at tribute@the420times.com.

Godfather Kush

Today’s dose of T.H.C. is a strain that goes by the name Godfather Kush provided by Elemental Wellness in San Jose, CA. Godfather Kush is a top level heavy Indica like its name would lead you to believe. The strain is a three way cross consisting of Grand Daddy Purple, OG Kush, and Afghani Kush and it was tested at 25.71% THC. If you are looking for a sleep aid then this is the strain for you!

How’s it Look

This Godfather Kush has a deep forest green color with luminescent orange hairs that get out shined only by the sugary coating of the trichomes. The buds of this strain are very beefy and dense like you would expect from a strain with such a prestigious line up of Indicas coming together to create this knockout strain.Godfather Kush close up

How’s it Smell

It has a very earthy scent almost musty like the smell of quality soil. There is a strong pine/forest smell with a slight citrus odor that compliments the dirt aroma. I would honestly like to lay this out as a potpourri and see if anyone thought twice of the scent, it is that pleasing to the nose.

How’s it Smoke/Taste

When smoked you can really  feel it expanding in your lungs giving you the urge to cough. This can be suppressed by taking slow normal breathes after a toke, if you try and take a deep breath you’ll most likely end up coughing a bit. The musty smell really comes out in the taste which is why I think it has a slightly harsher exhale than I would like. The strong pine smell of the bud is almost completely lost in the earthy smoke.

What’s its Use

This is the perfect strain for anyone dealing with insomnia, it will have you sleeping in no time if that is what you are looking for. It is also a great strain for pain relief, a few tokes of the Godfather and you’ll forget about your aching body. Godfather Kush is definitely an “at the end of the day” strain that you would medicate with to relieve yourself of the day’s stresses and pains. I would personally recommend using a vaporizer when medicating for the most pleasurable experience, no coughing…

If you have tried this strain let me know your thoughts and experiences down in the comments or if you have a strain that you think I should give a try email me at tribute@the420times.com.

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