Marijuana legalization opponents are on the ropes. Momentum clearly sides with those who think legalization is the right policy and the right way to address cannabis in our society. It sides with those who believe adults should be allowed to live their own lives as long a they are not infringing on the rights of another.

420times_000016080513XSmallSo our opponents are desperate. And when former politicians and political pundits get desperate, they form new groups because, well, the old groups weren’t working.

Such is the newest threat to marijuana users, the group Smart Approaches to Marijuana. We’ve already covered some of the dribble coming from this group, and I’m sure their will be much more. The folks at the Marijuana Policy Project have further details in an email alert set out this morning.

Do you think marijuana consumers should be subject to mandatory health screening and “marijuana education” programs? Or that they should be forced into treatment for an entire year?

These are two of the primary goals of Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM), a dangerous, new national anti-marijuana organization scheduled to launch on Wednesday.

The fact that they want to force all marijuana users into education or treatment is bad enough. But the hypocrisy involved in this effort is off the charts. The group’s chairman, former Congressman Patrick Kennedy, comes from a family that made a fortune selling alcohol – which is objectively far more harmful than marijuana!

Sign our petition today calling on Patrick Kennedy to drop out of SAM or explain why he believes people should be put in treatment simply for using marijuana, but not for using alcohol, a more harmful product that made his family incredibly wealthy.  

We need to send a message that extremist anti-marijuana organizations like SAM are not the answer to marijuana prohibition. Rather, we should be regulating marijuana and treating it similarly to alcohol.

SAM is being launched at a press conference in Denver this Wednesday, so please sign the petition today, and make your voice part of the story. Then encourage others to sign by sharing it on Facebook and Twitter.

How long SAM lasts as a viable organization remains to be seen, but I’ll go out on a limb and say we won’t be talking about them in a year because they have been disbanded or are irrelevant.

For now we will highlight and respond to their opinions as long as they get mainstream news coverage.

– Joe Klare

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  1. Butler Mark

    Is Patrick Kennedy……….still making money from alcohol? That’s all ‘any’ organization needs……..’a’ uneducated chairman. OH patters, I don’t mind you keeping your alcohol :-)…….mind your liver though………………..

    Cannabis cultivation criminal

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