Pennsylvania Senator Daylin Leach is attempting to introduce a bill that would legalize cannabis possession and consumption for adults in his state. This isn’t his first attempt to lobby for legalization; efforts to introduce similar legislation for medical purposes in 2012 were unsuccessful.

As it was in 2012, Senator Leach’s endeavor to petition for recreational cannabis legalization is facing conflict from his colleagues. Pennsylvania legislators are presenting a lukewarm reception in regards to Leach’s initiative.

Representative Garth Everett believes Leach’s bill may be a too much for his contemporaries to accept. “I don’t see how that would work,” Everrett asserts.

Everett is under the impression that if the measure in question were successful, those choosing to partake and possess would still be at risk of possible penalization. “You’re setting people up for being convicted for possibly being in possession of a small amount of marijuana,” Everett avowed.

Furthermore, he is confident that the fact cannabis remains illegal under federal law would make it all but impossible to gain support from the state’s legislators. “I don’t know if now’s the time to do it when it’s still a federal crime,” he said.

Sen. Leach

Sen. Leach

Representative Everett is swift to articulate the datum that Pennsylvania is slow to understand in respect to the state’s ability to embrace progressive reforms. He claims circumstances won’t change in the case of attempting to legalize cannabis. “I don’t think this will be any different,” he said. “We haven’t even privatized our state stores yet.”

Although obviously apprehensive to freeing the weed, Everett commends Senator Leach’s determination to bring the measure to life. “I think it’s great for Daylin to start the conversation,” Everett decreed.

There might be hope for the legalizing of cannabis on a medicinal level in Pennsylvania. State Representative Rick Mirabito declared he has received an ample sum of support in respect to the issue of medicinal cannabis being legalized. “I’ve had people from all over the political spectrum talk to me in favor of that,” he said.

Senator Leach is basing the reasoning for his measure on data obtained from the Office of National Drug Control Policy. Statistics from said association is presenting that $325 million of Pennsylvania’s revenue has been consumed by cannabis related arrests since the year 2006. Leach proclaims continuing to outlaw cannabis is creating a larger problem than making it legal.

“My bill will legalize the consumption of marijuana for adults over the age of 21, without regard to the purpose of that consumption,” Senator Leach proclaims. “Further, prohibition of marijuana has done what it did in the case of alcohol in the 1930’s. It has created a dangerous black market with violent and bloody turf wars that kill many people in our country and elsewhere.”

The Senator’s thoughts concerning the futility of this antediluvian war on otherwise abiding citizens that choose to consume cannabis as opposed to alcohol; “if you smoke marijuana you are a criminal and can go to jail. This horrific policy must end. People around the nation are realizing that.” Leach said.

Most states attempting to legalize cannabis have seemingly realized that it may be necessary to try and pass a medical cannabis measure in order to slowly introduce their citizens to the idea and allow them time to comprehend the sky will indeed not fall because individuals are state legally allowed to possess and consume a benign reoccurring herb for wellness, recreational and medicinal purposes.

Quick to judge and slow to understand translates as fear and ignorance on the part of the opposition. Honestly, the bureaucrats shouldn’t have to take all the blame for the ongoing war on tokers. We as citizens of a supposed free country should feel somewhat ashamed for allowing the government to continue the legacy of lies.

Become actively involved on a local level and be a part of history in the making as we tear down the wall that is cannabis prohibition. Remember, knowledge is power, but only when applied, so educate yourselves and others on the science of cannabis and let’s end the senselessness.

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