After climbing to a high of roughly 169, the number of medical marijuana dispensaries in Colorado Springs, Colorado has dropped to less than 70 thanks to more excessive regulations and an increase in fees.

420times_000006894478XSmallMark Slaugh is the membership director of the Colorado Springs Medical Cannabis Council, and he said, “It’s very difficult to be in this business, and if you have prior extensive experience and adequate business knowledge, then you have a higher rate of success. But the market is going to pick the winners and losers.” He says getting into the MMJ business in Colorado will take at least $250,000 in start-up capital.

The market will choose, but a 340% increase in fees will certainly affect the market somewhat.

In the end all it means is fewer jobs for Colorado Springs and less access for patients in the city. If less dispensaries was the goal of officials in Colorado Springs, then they were successful.

But for medical marijuana advocates, the goal is always more and better access for patients. Slashing dispensaries in half does not facilitate that.

– Joe Klare

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