The Colorado-based medical marijuana edible and soda maker Dixie Elixirs is looking to Massachusetts to expand its business. Founder Tripp Keber is hopeful that he will be able to start selling his line of cannabis-infused products sometime in the near future.

420times_000015351762XSmall“I didn’t know anything about cultivating cannabis,” Keber said of the time before he started Dixie Elixirs. “It was difficult for me to ascertain who the patient was. Was it a 23-year-old lift operator from Breckenridge with back pain or a 73-year-old grandmother with glaucoma? At the end of the day the answer is all points in between. So I thought it would be an interesting concept to develop a company that could create products to medicate the masses.”

Keber’s business started with just three soda flavors; Dixie now has a product line of over 70 sodas, edibles and more.

“I believe with great certainty that there will be the commercial application of medical marijuana in the state of Massachusetts,” Keber said. “How is it going to take place? I don’t have a crystal ball, but I have great confidence that Massachusetts will develop a model that is predicated on safely manufacturing and distributing these products and plants to the people that need them.”

A large market awaits medical marijuana entrepreneurs in Massachusetts. This means a lot of new jobs and new tax revenue, things every state could use right now.

– Joe Klare

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