The media firestorm has already lit up and is baking everything in its path. It seems teen superstar Justin Bieber was recently photographed toking what appears to be a blunt! The outrage! Doesn’t he know what kind of message he is sending the children? THE CHILDREN?!?

marijuana leafWhat will his fans think? Will they all start smoking blunts by the truckload?

Doubtful, but many of them may begin to see marijuana in a different light. After all, Justin Bieber can start smoking blunts now and never stop and he will never overdose. No alcohol poisoning. No cancer.

Maybe some kids will realize that marijuana isn’t on the same level as things like coke or heroin or even alcohol or cigarettes. As I’ve said many times before, if kids are going to experiment – and some of them certainly will – marijuana is one of the safest substances on earth for them to experiment with.

As for Justin Bieber, he’s just a kid himself. He’s bound to make what some consider mistakes. But his career will be fine, and none of his fans are going to overdose on blunts in an effort to emulate him.

The bottom line is, it’s fine. The world hasn’t ended and Justin Bieber may or may not like to get high. Life goes on and no one has been hurt (although a paparazzi who claimed he saw Justin smoking weed on New year’s day was killed chasing the pop star, that has nothing to do with marijuana and much to do with the photog’s chosen line of work).

I will say this, however. If Justin Bieber does like to smoke marijuana he should just say so and not hide behind an array of press people issuing the same set of insincere apologies. One of the lessons you must learn to become an adult is to take responsibility for your actions. If he stays silent on the issue he only aids the cause of those who say he did something morally wrong.

– Joe Klare

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