Politicians are constantly worried about “message.” It is a buzzword for them. It is what they want the public to hear as opposed to what is really going on.

420times_000008881163XSmallThe Drug Czar talks a lot about “message.” He recently said – again – that marijuana legalization sends the wrong message. From his point of view, this is very true.

The White House wants you to hear this message about marijuana: it’s very dangerous and addictive and will ruin your life. But they have a hard time pushing the old propaganda when things like the truth about marijuana are being spread everywhere via the internet. More and more teens are seeing that cannabis is not as dangerous as the government claims.

So when Drug Czar Gil Kerlikowske says marijuana legalization is not sending a good message, he means it is undercutting his message on marijuana. But in an age of instant and widespread communication, it is impossible to suppress the truth for long.

The “message” that is getting out about marijuana is more and more truthful every year, thanks in large part to the Internet. Maybe Gil Kerlikowske should care less about pushing his “message” and more about not lying to kids and teens.

– Joe Klare

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2 Responses

  1. drmaddogs

    The constant barrage of admitted side affecting Pharma advertising on everything from shakey leg, *oner meds, and a new one that closes with “If you find yourself laughing or crying…”,,,

    The White house does not give one whit about Drug Messages being sent from Pharmas that contribute to election campaigns and which contribute to more bad health problems than MJ many times over.

    What the White House does care about is continuing to spend 50 billion in tax dollars each year(Drug War), much in the MJ paradigm, and the huge public job dependance the MJ prohibition provides. Also should be included the ‘Rightous Law and Order’ illussion that is provded by talking up enforcement, rather than education which is failing due to the lies the ONDCP(Whitehouse) has utilized to gain compliance with propoganda.

    Only the most naive believe MJ prohibition, where the govt is concerned, is anything other than a money based, commercial policy model. THAT… is what is sending the wrong message Mr.Kerlikowske. Americans are firmly coming to realize how commercialism is what drives the Central Govt., not some hipocritical morality ‘Message’.

  2. martman

    How is it in our great country that we have a “Czar” of anything? What a f’cking joke! He should be terminated immediately, along with anyone else who tries to defend or implement future “Czars”. Does the moron know that THC is schedule 3 so that prescriptions for Marinol can be refilled without going back to the doctor? You bet he does! (did you? look it up). And yet they still posture around acting like their doing good for society and ruining peoples lives. Yes, and lying to children. Now that’s scum. Time to flush the toilet. So done with them…

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