Duncan Jones, the 41-year-old film director and son of pop legend David Bowie, says his cancer-stricken wife has found great relief with medical marijuana.

420times_000001663447XSmallDuncan’s wife Rodene is battling breast cancer and finds medical cannabis to be a “world of relief” treating the symptoms of her chemotherapy. According to Ducan, Rodene does smoke marijuana, preferring edibles and tinctures. “Those who have an issue with marijuana for medicinal use, all I can say is you have no idea what a boon it is for cancer pain management,” Duncan said in a tweet (@ManMadeMoon).

Believe it or not, there are still some in the country who believe that Rodene shouldn’t be allowed to use medical cannabis legally. They would prefer that she suffer, lest we “send the wrong message” that cannabis is somehow beneficial.

Duncan and Rodene have raised over $6,500 for The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, climbing toward a goal of $11, 612. “Why is our goal to raise $11,612?” Rodene asked on the fundraiser page. “Its the date we found out I had cancer, got married, and decided that we want to help others with the same disease.”

The best of luck to Rodene on her road back to health.

– Joe Klare

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