It’s seems some officials in Colorado are positively dumbfounded at what to do about enforcing Amendment 64, the state’s new recreational marijuana legalization law. They are so perplexed that they advise waiting on implementation of some of its dictates.

420times_000013908904XSmallSo, what questions are they hard at work racking their brains over?

What constitutes public consumption of marijuana? When deputies discover greater quantities of marijuana, how do they know whether Amendment 64 justifies it? Will crime targeting marijuana shops spike?

Well, wouldn’t one assume that “public consumption” is that which is done on public property or in view of the public; much like the difference between “public urination” and private. The second question does need clarification, since the licenses of marijuana retailers will have to include permission to posses and transport more than one ounce per person. The third question is unknowable since marijuana shops are not “crime magnets.”

One has to wonder whether officials who don’t care for Amendment 64 will delay implementation as much as possible. Government officials are expert at one thing: delay. That is why it is imperative for the state’s legalization task force to do their work quickly and efficiently.

Each city and county in Colorado will end up with their own rules and regulations within 64’s framework. Communities are different all over, but all them will have to follow state law, whether they agree with it or not.

– Joe Klare

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