“You can just imagine if everyone on earth did have one day where we just put all of our minds together regardless where the force is, as long as it’s positive, and just meditate for even an hour that day. And just live nice with them nice meditation. I mean, now, the climate would be nice, the smog would a leave.” – Bob Marley

Cannabis users love to quote Bob Marley, especially on social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Those who love Bob Marley quotes are going to love a new release from Tuff Gong Books and Harmony Books, The Future is The Beginning: The Words and Wisdom of Bob Marley.

BobMarley_bookThe quotes themselves were gathered from the walls of Bob Marley’s room at 56 Hope Road in Kingston, Jamaica, which is now the Bob Marley Museum and is where Bob worked during much of the 1970’s. The walls are covered with newspaper clippings containing many interviews with Bob.

In the quotes, his overwhelming focus is God, as it was in his life. But God to Bob Marley was not a menacing presence to Bob Marley as religion tends to be to many in the U.S. To Bob Marley, God was about love and living a good life. God was about being a postive force in the world.

The book doesn’t contain much about cannabis, which isn’t surprising; Bob Marley did not see marijuana as an end in itself, but rather as a vessel through which God brought happiness.

It’s a great book for those who love Bob Marley for the things he said and the things he stood for, instead of just his music.

– Joe Klare

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