The United State Of Weed is a weekly series where we recap all of the cannabis-related political developments happening in The United States at the state level. If you know of any new political developments in your state in regards to marijuana law reform – whether it be medicinal or otherwise – let us know at

From The 420 Times:

WA: Initiative 502 Brings Recreational Legalization To Washington: Now What?

CO: Amendment 64 Brings Recreational Legalization To Colorado: Now What?

MA, CO & WA: NORML Reacts To Historic Election Night

MA, CO & WA: Law Enforcement Against Prohibition Reacts To Historic Election Night

MA, CO & WA: Marijuana Policy Project Reacts To Historic Election Night

MA, CO & WA: The Most Historic Night In Marijuana Law Reform History

MI: Marijuana Decriminalization Success In Michigan

From Around The Web:

IL: Medical Marijuana Bill Awaits Action in House 

MT: Missoula’s marijuana committee disbands, frustrated by continued arrests

OR: Medical marijuana goes mainstream with Portland trade show

CO: Colorado Dems to Seek Federal Exemption from Marijuana Prohibition

If your state didn’t make this week’s “United State Of Weed,” it’s most probably because there is no recent political cannabis news coming from that state. If there is a story I missed, let me know at

– Joe Klare

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