Many of you know the story of Cash Hyde, the little boy in Montana fighting cancer with the help of cannabis oil. It brings us great sorrow to report that Cash lost his battle with cancer last night.

When Cash was only 20 months old he was diagnosed with a Stage 4 brain tumor. His parents tried a myriad of treatments, including cannabis oil, which would send his cancer into remission, only to have it return time and again.

Mike Hyde, Cash’s father, posted this statement on Facebook: “Cashy passed away tonight while I was holding him. His last breath was so peacful and i feel so comforted knowing that he was at home with family. Cancer will never hurt Cashy again and for that I am thankful. One Love.”

As if losing a child wasn’t enough, it seems that the Missoula, Montana police department was less than sympathetic to the family’s needs. The following was posted on the Facebook page of Cash’s foundation earlier today: “I would like all of Cashys fans to call the missoula mayors office and complain how the Missoula Police department and coroners office treated my family only minutes after Cashy passed last night. 5 uniformed cops came to our house 20 minutes after he passed and pushed their way in. I asked if they could leave as we only wanted family so we could mourn and they refused. Then they told us they were taking him and we had to argue with them for 45 minutes that Cashy was staying with us. They completly disrespected our family and Cashys moment of peace. They do not respect the living or the dead and for that I am ashamed to even be a Missoulian! Their phone number is (406) 552-6001″

A call to that number gets a recorded message about the Hyde family, undoubtedly meaning the number is overrun with phone calls. Keep them coming and feel free to leave a message for the Missoula, MT police department and what you think of their treatment of the Hyde family.

R.I.P. Cash Hyde.

– Joe Klare

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