We’ve discussed the unreliability of “drug-sniffing” dogs before here at The 420 Times, and now the U.S. Supreme Court is taking up the issue, hearing arguments in a case last week that they will decide on next year.

Justices seemed concerned about allowing police to bring their narcotic-detecting dogs to sniff around the outside of homes without a warrant and seemed willing to allow defense attorneys to question at trial how well drug dogs have been trained and how well they have been doing their job in the field.

“Dogs make mistakes. Dogs err,” lawyer Glen P. Gifford told the justices. “Dogs get excited and will alert to things like tennis balls in trunks or animals, that sort of thing.”

Police already use the “I smell marijuana” excuse for kicking in someone’s door, imagine if they can get a warrant because of a dog. A dog that cannot speak and contradict them.

– Joe Klare

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