The group “Women for Measure 80” is holding a rally on October 15th in conjunction with several other groups to highlight the destructiveness of prohibition and to urge voters to support Measure 80.

“On, Monday, Oct. 15, Women for Measure 80 will hold a rally on the steps of the State Capitol in Salem to call for an end to 75 years of failed marijuana prohibition,” the Facebook event page reads. “Mothers, women, seniors and supportive men will come together in support of passing Measure 80, which will regulate marijuana like liquor — for adults 21 and over, sold through state-licensed stores only, and with 90 percent of tax revenues going to the state’s general fund to pay for schools and social services. Measure 80 will also finally re-allow Oregon farmers to grow hemp for biofuel, food, sustainable fiber and medicine.”

The rally will be held on the front steps of the Oregon State Capitol building, 900 Court St. NE in Salem, OR 97301. Speakers will include Anna Diaz, founder of Women for Measure 80, Amanda Rain, from Women for Measure 80 and Outreach Director for Yes on 80, Shelley Fox-Loken, from Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) and others.

If you are in the area on Monday, try to get down to the capitol building to show your support for Measure 80 and the eventual end of marijuana prohibition in this country.

– Joe Klare

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